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Onion AcademyOnion AcademyOnion AcademyOnion Academy

Onion Academy

Brand theme, name, logo, business cards and mobile first website.

Argos Celebrating SuccessArgos Celebrating SuccessArgos Celebrating SuccessArgos Celebrating Success

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Argos Celebrating Success

Our brief was to create a presentation to celebrate the achievements of the Argos marketing team. So just for fun, we created a Bob Dylan spoof video.

We commissioned a songwriter to turn our post-it-note ‘key messages’ into a proper song with new music (so we didn’t infringe copyright). We replaced the cardboard from the original video with an ipad, but retained the handwriting as we love hand-crafted typography. We filmed outside a store which created an urban scene that was a nod to the original.

On the day, our film received a standing ovation. No death by powerpoint here. We can’t show the final film as it shows confidential stuff. Ho hum.

Argos motivational filmArgos motivational filmArgos motivational film

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Argos motivational film

We made this film for an Argos head office conference. The project was to brief, motivate and inspire the marketing team on the new Argos strategy. We edited and wrote the content from lengthy strategy papers, ensuring each statement could be easily read and remembered. We then chose a big, powerful soundtrack, synching each frame perfectly for maximum impact on the day. Unfortunately, we can’t show you the final film as it’s top secret.

The Muscle FixerThe Muscle FixerThe Muscle Fixer

The Muscle Fixer

For Jacqui Konkol we created a complete brand that portrays a fun image that distinguishes her from her competitors. The result is visible across a variety of media including, a responsive website, Facebook graphics, t-shirts and stationery.

Ford SME brochure Ford SME brochure Ford SME brochure Ford SME brochure 

Ford SME brochure 

Ford Retail asked SSHY to design a digital and printed brochure to promote their new Fleet Car Support service to SMEs. They had draft content, but needed an overall concept to market the service.

Everyone knows about Ford’s expertise and heritage, so they needed to show they could provide a tailored solution.

We felt Ford needed to show potential customers that they really understood the SME business owner and the issues faced every day.

Our approach used a low-fi photography style, with a concept that showed the SME business owner is never stops thinking about the fleet.

We created a digital brochure for use on tablets as well as a traditional printed brochure.

Pulkovo airportPulkovo airport

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Pulkovo airport

These award winning illustrations and banner animations were created with Liquid Agency to promote the airport as a destination for international airlines.

Dorling Kindersley and DKMMDorling Kindersley and DKMM

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Dorling Kindersley and DKMM

All information designers admire Dorling Kindersley, who understood exactly how to design for both children and adults. Simon was a designer for a number of major book titles that are still in print today, before moving on to multi-media CD-roms, in the days before the internet.

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Employtourism was a website created to encourage and help disabled people find employment in the tourism sector.