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Argos Celebrating SuccessArgos Celebrating SuccessArgos Celebrating SuccessArgos Celebrating Success

On 29, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In | By slim

Argos Celebrating Success

Our brief was to create a presentation to celebrate the achievements of the Argos marketing team. So just for fun, we created a Bob Dylan spoof video.

We commissioned a songwriter to turn our post-it-note ‘key messages’ into a proper song with new music (so we didn’t infringe copyright). We replaced the cardboard from the original video with an ipad, but retained the handwriting as we love hand-crafted typography. We filmed outside a store which created an urban scene that was a nod to the original.

On the day, our film received a standing ovation. No death by powerpoint here. We can’t show the final film as it shows confidential stuff. Ho hum.

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