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About SSHY

Our methodology

A long, long time ago, Sunita was presenting a design and someone
said to her “it’s pretty, but it’s not commercial”.

It really wasn’t nice to hear, so she vowed to never again put
herself in a position where a client could say that her design was
not going to deliver results. And no one has said anything like that
to her ever again. In fact, they say the opposite. And she’s been
doing what she does for over 20 years now.

SSHY Creative has a very straightforward philosophy – to only do
graphic design that works. Because the reason why someone would
commission a design project is because they have something that
they need to achieve.

Our clients might need help to communicate something, sell
something, or present themselves, and no matter what sector they
are in and whether they want digital or traditional print, if they can
articulate their problem, we can help them solve it.

We’d like to think that the thing that makes SSHY Creative stand
out from the gazillions of other design agencies, is how we go about
making our work for our clients successful.

We have this ambition to be the graphic design equivalent of an
artisan bread maker. That means bringing a flavour to our work
that elevates it beyond the mass of cheaply generated computer
graphics that audiences are bombarded with from dawn to dusk.

It means we start projects using the very best tools of the trade –
our brains, and pens and paper. We delight in the joy of nurturing
a great idea. We don’t rush. And when the time is right, we use all
of the very latest technology, to create communications for our
very modern, fast paced world. It also means that sometimes our
designs are hand crafted out of fuzzy felt.

Our motto is “Beautiful design that makes you smile”, because you
will smile when you see what we can do for you.