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Featured Projects

Onion AcademyOnion AcademyOnion AcademyOnion Academy

Onion Academy

Brand theme, name, logo, business cards and mobile first website.

OSO Coffee & Cake OSO Coffee & Cake OSO Coffee & Cake OSO Coffee & Cake 

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OSO Coffee & Cake 

Our delightful naming and branding project for a London-vibe coffee & cake shop outside London.

OSO is inspired from the Italian generoso and delizioso.

The logo evokes the flow of conversation between 2 friends drinking coffee, and also a swirl of cream on a cake.

Argos Home CataloguesArgos Home CataloguesArgos Home CataloguesArgos Home CataloguesArgos Home Catalogues

Argos Home Catalogues

Sunita was Head of Design at Argos for 9 years. This recent family of home brochures designed and art-directed by her team, changed customers perceptions of Furniture and Homeware at Argos, and delivered significant year on year sales increases.

Noa Noa Advertising 

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Noa Noa Advertising 

Noa Noa is a premuim Danish fashion brand with 23 stores in beautiful locations around the UK. We design the local marketing to an audience of 20,000 for Noa Noa in Olney.

Argos Publications

Argos Publications

Sunita was Head of Design at Argos for 9 years. She developed the creative strategy for all publications, overseeing the design, photography and production of 18 main catalogues, 9 gift guides, and hundreds of different brochures and flyers.

Community Flood Plan

Community Flood Plan

The Greater London Authority and Environment Agency are running four pilot schemes in London to support businesses in high flood risk areas. We designed, branded and wrote the campaign, including the motto ‘make your flood plan before it floods’, described by the Environment Agency as “very true and very wise”.

Cool Tennis Tricks CampaignCool Tennis Tricks Campaign

Cool Tennis Tricks Campaign

Our marketing campaign to get kids playing tennis went live this week with free poster and ball packs going out to 2000 children in the region.

With the events taking place this weekend we’ll have lots of pictures of the campaign in action next week, british weather permitting!

The Muscle FixerThe Muscle FixerThe Muscle Fixer

The Muscle Fixer

For Jacqui Konkol we created a complete brand that portrays a fun image that distinguishes her from her competitors. The result is visible across a variety of media including, a responsive website, Facebook graphics, t-shirts and stationery.

Home Retail Group Phone PostersHome Retail Group Phone Posters

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Home Retail Group Phone Posters

The Home Retail Group updated it’s phone systems, and needed to help staff get to grips with the new system. Our tiny, tactile booklet was designed to be propped up on their computers, with witty, memorable images such as a log splitter for log-out, and a hot water bottle for warm transfer.


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Design for premium customer loyalty card, in-store point of sale, fashion show invitations and ongoing glossy magazine advertisments.