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Featured Projects

Cowper Newton MuseumCowper Newton MuseumCowper Newton MuseumCowper Newton Museum

Cowper Newton Museum

Leaflets, templates and illustrations for the Cowper Newton Museum. Simon did the illustrations for the leaflet while Sunita created an entirely hand rendered artwork of the famous hymn “Amazing Grace” by John Newton, to be sold as a tea towel in the museum gift shop.

After Eight Stint

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After Eight Stint

Our portfolio wouldn’t be complete without our first poster project from 1991, designed, presented and produced for the princely sum of £50. Illustration by Simon and artwork by Sunita, all produced with glue and scissors or should we say Cow Gum and 10A scalpels.

Community Flood Plan

Community Flood Plan

The Greater London Authority and Environment Agency are running four pilot schemes in London to support businesses in high flood risk areas. We designed, branded and wrote the campaign, including the motto ‘make your flood plan before it floods’, described by the Environment Agency as “very true and very wise”.

Cool Tennis Tricks CampaignCool Tennis Tricks Campaign

Cool Tennis Tricks Campaign

Our marketing campaign to get kids playing tennis went live this week with free poster and ball packs going out to 2000 children in the region.

With the events taking place this weekend we’ll have lots of pictures of the campaign in action next week, british weather permitting!

Pulkovo airportPulkovo airport

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Pulkovo airport

These award winning illustrations and banner animations were created with Liquid Agency to promote the airport as a destination for international airlines.

Argos PR Party Invitation

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Argos PR Party Invitation

We love designing invitations for PR events. This one was designed and hand printed by Sunita a few years ago for a garden furniture launch at Argos. They invitation helped draw in a record number of attendees.

National Childbirth Trust Baby MagazineNational Childbirth Trust Baby Magazine

National Childbirth Trust Baby Magazine

The Olney branch of the NCT had been producing their magazine in Powerpoint. Readership was poor, despite the top-quality articles. We designed the publication as a favour for a friend, giving it an optimistic, friendly and engaging feel. The branch president thanked us formally saying ‘you have helped us look professional’. Parents now buy it, funding the cost of production.

Marine Technology Directorate Logo & StationeryMarine Technology Directorate Logo & Stationery

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Marine Technology Directorate Logo & Stationery

We designed the corporate identity for the Marine Technology Directorate, including their logo with specially crafted typography, all stationery and publications. We especially enjoyed designing their application form, ensuring it was a pleasure to fill in.

Info Graphics for BooksInfo Graphics for BooksInfo Graphics for Books

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Info Graphics for Books

Info graphics are our passion! Before becoming a fine artist, Simon produced beautiful information graphics and maps for books.

Dorling Kindersley and DKMMDorling Kindersley and DKMM

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Dorling Kindersley and DKMM

All information designers admire Dorling Kindersley, who understood exactly how to design for both children and adults. Simon was a designer for a number of major book titles that are still in print today, before moving on to multi-media CD-roms, in the days before the internet.